Design and manufacture of special machines

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Presentation of the company

The company is engaged in the design and manufacture of special machines for the processing/manufacture of various products mainly made of wood and metal.

Process from the project to the device:

  • Design of the device concept
  • Construction plan of the device
  • Manufacture of the machine frame and mechanical elements of the machine
Production of industrial electrical cabinets and software (PLC, CNC)

  • We prepare all documentation for the device, including safety and technical documentation and a declaration of conformity
  • After completion of the transaction, we offer maintenance of the equipment.

We also offer:

Manufacture or machining of metal products on CNC machines. Production of the electrical wiring of already existing equipment and the corresponding circuit diagrams. Creation of a technical template for the realization and manufacture of all the technology or equipment you need to manufacture your product.

We install electronic and hardware components from recognized manufacturers or components according to customer request.

The company has a 30-year tradition of manufacturing various products. The aim of the company is to produce a high quality, precisely manufactured device with solid construction and modern electronic equipment, which is tailored to the user.

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End ring cutting machine - CNC – Model: MF300-CNC

The device enables the cutting of rings of insulating material according to various pre-selected recipes. All positions are electronically adjustable and are controlled by a Siemens Sinumerik 848D CNC controller.

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Thin sheet feeder – Model: MF304

The device is designed to feed thin sheets from the flow or from the packaging. It is positioned in an already running line.

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Four sided planer with 4 line feed – Type: MF305

The device is designed for planing thinner slats with smaller dimensions in 4 lines. The device has 5 processing units with electronically adjustable positions and frequency flow control. All units are controlled by frequency regulation and PLC control. 

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Automatic feeder

The feeder works in conjunction with a four-sided four-line planing machine. The slats are loaded onto four individual conveyor belts, which the device itself discharges into a four-sided planing machine.

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Measuring device – Model: MF306

The measuring device allows to check the suitability and quality of thinner wooden slats of different dimensions.

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 Machine for straightening expanded metal sheets – Type: MF307

The rolling device for expanded metal sheet rolls the sheet.

  • Photo 1: Input of the MF307 machine
  • Photo 2: Output section of the MF307 machine
  • Photo 3: MF307 electrical cabinet

End ring cutting machine (CNC) – Type: MF303-CNC

The device enables the cutting of rings of insulating material according to various pre-selected recipes. All positions are electronically adjustable and are controlled by a Siemens Sinumerik 848D CNC control.


Devices build in past years

  • Photo 1: CNC dowel device
  • Photo 2: CNC lathe
  • Photo 3: Format saw 
  • Photo 4: Renovation of a horizontal drilling and milling machine
  • Photo 5: Folding/shifting line for panels


About the company

MF s.p. is a family company and has been present on the market for 30 years. On the basis of many years of experience and knowledge, we manufacture customised equipment and prototypes for processing metal and wood and other individual products.

The guiding principle of the company is the need for continuous development, good and optimal design of the device, and customer satisfaction.

Company business card

Design and manufacture of special machines

Mihelič Franc s.p.
Zamostec 67A 

1317 Sodražica


VAT ID no: SI27074552

Registration number: 5941147

IBAN: SI56 0232 1001 2895 718

Mobile phone 1: +386 40 771 622

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